Hosted AS4 gateway

A simple AS4 solution

Our hosted AS4 gateways take care of all the messaging complexity like

  • security (including signing and encryption)
  • reliable messaging
  • trading partner management

All you have to do is provide the message payload to be transferred – a quick, easy and affordable way of sending your AS4 messages.

AS4 Gateway – how does it work?

Chasquis hosted gateways are stand alone solutions, separate from your own company system. Your system provides the payload to be sent. The gateway picks up the generated message content and sends it to the designated receiving party. The gateway will inform your application of the messaging result.

We offer two types of gateways:

  • Shared gateway: very suitable for organisations sending smaller or variable numbers of messages. Server capacity is shared, making this a low-cost solution.
  • Dedicated gateway: a gateway for your organisation only. Suitable for organisations needing larger sending capacity or when there are strict requirements regarding performance. As server capacity is not shared, a dedicated gateway offers more guarantees regarding availability and performance.

Open Source

Chasquis AS4 gateways are based on Holodeck B2B, our own open source message service handler.

Other solutions

Prefer to host your own AS4 gateway on-premise? Our consultants can help you set it up.
Once you have your gateway up and running, we offer support services for all your questions.

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